Our Advice Process

Helping you get clear on bringing your Big Vision to life and working backwards to map out a path to reach your financial goals.



Getting to know you and your business allows us to see your strengths and where you need help. Then we are able to tailor solutions and systems to ensure you are supported effectively to achieve your business goals and the success you desire. This initial meeting is at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking in a time for us to get to know one another.    


Once we have a thorough idea of where and how we can assist you in your financial goals, we will prepare a proposal for you that outlines exactly which services and advice we would suggest to get you to your desired outcomes. This proposal will also cover the cost of our advice and services.


Once we both agree on the plan of action, we will begin the process for our suggested strategy and develop your unique financial plan. This will be documented clearly as a formal ’Statement of Advice’ and outline what will be delivered and by whom. Being able to provide you with all your financial needs under the one roof means developing a team of experts that will work together with you to create financial freedom and a lifestyle you love.


It is at this point that we again meet to present the plan and clearly outline each component of the advice to be provided by us. We will discuss why and how the strategy will achieve the goals you want to achieve. We encourage you to ask questions and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the what, how and why of the strategy. Your participation in the process ensures our success in working together.


Should you agree to proceed with the proposal, we will begin implementing the plan. This is where you will see the advice we provide come to life in tangible changes and new initiatives to create the results agreed on. You will always be kept up to date with the progress and we will take care of any paperwork along the way.


Apart from our ongoing email & phone communication as the plan rolls out, we will meet with you to review progress on an annual basis ensuring your satisfaction with the outcomes being produced, That means we stay up to date with any changing circumstances and goals of your business and required adjustments to your strategy. This ensures you stay on track and allows you to monitor the progress to achieving your big business dreams.

Your knowledge and experience has been invaluable in supporting our vision and growth. Over and above accounting, it’s your business acumen that sets your firm apart from others
David Filipovic - ModCons Heating & Cooling