We help our clients determine whether an SMSF is appropriate and provide advice to ensure they are making the right decision.

Superannuation is one of your most important investments, it doesn’t matter whether you are starting out in your career, raising a family or preparing for life after work or in your golden years.

For most Australians, superannuation will be the primary vehicle for achieving their retirement goals. Think Big Financial Group supports Australians in reaching their retirement and lifestyle goals through SMSF’s because of the control, tax benefits and flexibility with investments.

SMSF Services We Offer:

  • Establishment of SMSF – SMSF Trust Deeds, SMSF Corporate Trustee, CMA Bank Accounts, Investment Strategy, ATO registrations
  • Administration of SMSF
  • SMSF tax returns & compliance issues
  • SMSF audits
  • Establishment of pension funds
  • Variations to existing SMSF Trust Deeds
  • Borrowing strategies
  • Estate Planning strategies
  • Tax effective strategies to minimise tax
  • Fulfilment of all SMSF Trustee duties
  • SMSF specialist strategies

We identify the strategies that suit your needs and circumstances to give your retirement a real boost while providing you with education on how much you can contribute to super, investment choice, access to superannuation monies and more.

There are many strategies and options to consider, but the key is to start early and maximise the opportunities offered by:

  • Salary sacrifice
  • Concessional & non-concessional contributions
  • Super splitting
  • Defined Benefits
  • Insurance via Super
  • Super consolidation
  • Government co-contribution
  • Superannuation investments
  • Industry Funds
  • Retail Wrap Accounts
  • SMSF’s

These services are offered in conjunction with our Partners – Nixon Financial Services Pty Ltd and Sentry Advice Pty Ltd. View Relevant Licenses & Information.

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