TPB Proof of Identity Requirements

Client ID verification requirements

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) have introduced new client ID verification rules. All Tax and BAS agents are now required to verify the identification of their clients.

When do these new requirements apply?

The new proof of identity (PoI) requirements will become mandatory in the latter half of 2022 (the TPB and ATO will confirm the start date in due course). However, both agencies recommend that tax practitioners start adopting these guidelines in their practices now.

Does this apply to new and existing clients?

At the moment the ATO and TPB are requiring it start with new clients or new relationships with existing clients. It is not a requirement to go back through the whole client list to verify their identities.

Does it only apply to individual clients?

It applies to all clients regardless of whether only the non-individual entity (ie. company) is being represented by the tax/BAS agent.

Do you need to do anything?

No! This is something that will be implemented internally but all clients will need to provide different identity documents if requested. Any new clients must submit their identity documents when requested from now on.

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